How It Works

By choosing to promote and advertise your sponsorship opportunities on our marketplace, the Spontza team will proactively increase awareness of your Football Club’s commercial opportunities, whilst working to identify and secure new sponsors.

Sourcing New Partners

We align to your Football Club’s commercial strategy and proactively source and increase your sponsorship partners.  Using the latest in marketing technology, we can also create marketing content specific to your requirements to proactively target specific audiences.


We manage first contact and the setup process with a new Sponsor.  This includes capturing branding and making necessary arrangements to complete the sponsorship advertising transaction.  We also align to your values to ensure that your new partners have a clear understanding of what to expect and ambitions of your Football Club.

Vetting & Approval

All new partners will go through a process of due diligence to protect both you and your new partner.  This includes limited company and director checks, social media checks and a review of any information that sits within the public domain, ensuring that both parties have confidence in the partnership they are entering in to.

Sponsorship Listing Management

We can take ownership of listing all sponsorship advertising opportunities.  We can create new or edit your existing content to be advertised on your adverts, upload images and manage the adding and removing of listings where necessary throughout the season.  You can also manage this process if necessary.

Relationship Management

We can support with the management of existing partnerships and key stakeholders.  This includes partnership engagement, relationship management, exisitng sponsor promotion and sponsorship renewals.

Football Club Promotion

By partnering up with Spontza, we will be proactive in creating media and content that will result in us promoting your Football Club throughout our network.  The more you list on our marketplace, the more content we have to share with our audience, which will result in more traffic heading your way.